Is world book day turning into world movie day?

yesterday, as most of you will know was world book day. Schools all around the world participated in activities and got children to dress up as their favourite book characters. However, on Facebook I saw tons of posts by people captioned ”dressed up as Darth Vader, so cute!!” or ”he’s Captain America lol”. Now, I’m aware that the marvel characters originally came from comics but it’s debatable as to whether they count as books per se. As for Star Wars, they were originally movies and some books were churned out based on the movies, but the children that I had seen dressed up were in their get-up because of the movies as evidenced by ”he’s never even watched it haha”. Note the word ”watched”. I understand that world book day is just a bit of fun but it IS world book day, not world movie day. Is it really that hard to get your child to pick up a book and read it? Are they really not inspired by any original book characters? If they have difficulty reading, why not pick up a book and read for them? Why is television favoured so much over books nowadays and why do parents not encourage their children to read more? This is just a thought to leave you with, does anyone agree or disagree?


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