I don’t think I could ever give up junk food!

imageI can’t remember the last time I actually had a healthy meal. That’s really shameful to admit but I just love junk food too much. I don’t eat  takeaway a lot but I mostly eat college cafeteria food and microwave meals, which evidently aren’t healthy. I tried to go on a diet when I was 13. I ate one salad and swore it off after a DAY. I’m not overweight, I’m a healthy weight for a 19 year old girl, however I do believe that constantly shovelling junk food down my face is detrimental to my health. Whenever I think about going on a diet, I feel like my stomach shrivels up and my lips will suddenly padlock shut. I mean, eating healthily once a week, I could deal with that. Eating healthily all the time and having salads every day? Just make me eat paper, it probably tastes the same. I also have a strong aversion to exercise and dread the day that I start piling on the pounds because people keep telling me that inevitably it will come. I don’t want to go to the gym or eat healthy. I want to laze around and eat junk food and stay thin forever god damnit!


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