This is the reason sisters snitch on each other.

You know when your sister tells you something and you tell your parents? Then you have to deal with the wrath of your sister… we don’t do it out of spite, we don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes we did. They think that we’re out to get them when we’re actually making sure that nothing and no-one else does. There was a time when I occasionally smoked whenever I was stressed out or annoyed. I’ve never been addicted to smoking but I’m trying to not smoke any at all and do better things for my stress and for my health. My sister is 15 and is starting to drink and occasionally smoke as well. The other day, she told me she was going to buy a packet and we could go halves on them… so obviously I told our mum. She got mad, despite the fact she used to do it to me but here’s the thing… as I said before, older sisters aren’t out to get you, we don’t want you to copy what we did and we don’t want to encourage you to do those things. I guess my sister sees me doing those things and thinks it’s ok or that it will work to cure anxiety and stress. I know she’s not a baby and she’s 15 but no matter how old she is, she’ll still look at the things I’m doing and shadow them which is why I’m trying to set a better example for her and my youngest sister, age 5.sisters


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