I hate going out if I didn’t have a shower last night.

imageI don’t know why, I know most people have a shower every other day but I have to have one every single day. I’ve heard that it strips your hair of its natural oils and drys your skin but my skin isn’t dry at all and my hair always looks ok. In addition to having a shower every single night, my showers take about an hour and a half because I have a specific routine in the shower including going over my body with the body wash 6 times (with a small amount of shower gel), I don’t add anymore. Everyone says it’s weird but I feel so dirty if I go out and I haven’t had a shower within the last day. I guess I wash my hair all the time because it’s really the only thing you can control on your body and make it look how you want it. You can’t change your face. You can wear makeup but I’m not a big fan of getting up early to make myself look better. I prefer the ”get up with 6 minutes to spare routine”. Also, I hate the feeling of makeup on my face, so there’s that. This started off as a post about how I’m weirdly obsessed with taking showers and ended up with me talking about how I hate the feeling of makeup on my face, I always go off subject and ramble on about something or other.


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