Why are TV characters so much better than real people?!

imageI think it’s clear to everyone what I’m going to write about as the title says it all – TV characters are interesting, unique and just a lot more loveable than real people. That isn’t to say that there aren’t interesting and unique people in the real world, they’re just much harder to come by. Of course everyone is different in their own way but I find myself invested in a TV show and think ”why don’t I know anyone like that in real life”? ”Why in my nineteen years of life (technically not very many years) have I never even come close to meeting someone like that”? I look at characters like Luna Lovegood (my favourite character out of anything ever), Violet Harmon (very flawed albeit so amazingly unique) and Audrey Jensen (again, she’s flawed but she’s got something about her) and  I sit and think ”this is the type of person I want to make a connection with.. I want to find someone like this”. But I go out in the real world and I find myself feeling like I will never meet someone like these people. It seems like everyone I look at is a cardboard copy of someone else – this could also apply to me, I feel like I just blend in and don’t stand out. All I want in life is to meet somebody that hits me with great impact like these multi-dimensional characters and yes, I’m also aware normal human beings are multi-layered but as I said, I’ve yet to meet someone that hit me with the great impact that these characters have done. I hope one day that I find a friend or girlfriend/wife that I am completely head over heels in love with, with the same amount of love I feel for the fictional characters I put my time into. I could apologise and say I feel silly for feeling like this but I’ve yet to be proven wrong. This also came across like I have no social life or friends which I believe it or not, do 🙂


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