Why so much hate for celebrities on social media?

imageIf you visit gossip and news sites on the Internet, there will always be an article about somebody like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner. When you scroll to the comments section,  inevitably there are a lot of hateful comments. From what I understand of these people’s hatred, they don’t like the fact that these women are confident in themselves because half the time the comments will say something like ”please stop with the selfies” or ”she’s not as good looking as she thinks”. I find it spiteful to post mean comments about people just because they’re confident in themselves and take a lot of pictures. There are far worse things these celebrities could be doing. They could be a bully like the internet trolls but they’re getting hateful comments written about them because they’re confident! Another common complaint that people tend to make is ”I don’t like so-and-so because they are vapid and have no talent”. As far as you know this person could have a hidden talent and if you think this person is vapid, have conversations about things that interest you, not about these ”vapid” celebrities. It is vapid to leave spiteful comments based on the fact that celebrities are confident in themselves. It does not make you more intelligent and it achieves nothing. Why not comment something you like about the person or the picture? That is far more worthy of your time.


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